News item | 2014-11-17 | 08:36 AM

Fast food and fast charging

Eat a hamburger while charging your electric car at the same time. Vattenfall expects the expansion of its network of fast-charging stations in Sweden to take off thanks to its cooperation with operators such as a fast-food chain.

Transport currently accounts for a third of Sweden's emissions of carbon dioxide. The Swedish parliament has set a target for Sweden's transport sector to become independent of fossil fuels by 2030. However, sales of electric cars have so far been sluggish for reasons such as high prices, a limited selection and too few charging points.

It is estimated that some 7,000 electric cars will be using Sweden's roads by the end of 2014. Vattenfall's vision is to have a million electrically powered vehicles on Sweden's roads by 2030. 

"Our vision won't become a reality on its own. Our role is to put the fast-charging infrastructure in place, which will in turn lead to a quiet and clean urban environment. The expansion of our network will be largely controlled by market developments and demand. We are conducting an active dialogue with cities, private individuals and companies in order to optimally adapt the expansion," says Mattias Tingvall, Business Development Manager for Vattenfall's Region Nordic.

Eleven fast chargers
In October, Vattenfall initiated a cooperative venture with the Swedish fast-food chain Max, which has 98 restaurants around the country.

On 12 November, the first two fast-charging stations for electric cars were inaugurated at Max restaurants in Uppsala and Bromma in west Stockholm.

Vattenfall will have a total of eleven fast chargers in use in the Stockholm region at the end of the year, according to Mattias Tingvall. The expansion of the number of charging stations will be made possibleby the company's cooperation with Max, the City of Stockholm and Tyresö municipality.

"Together with the fast chargers for taxis at Arlanda airport, that will offer excellent opportunities for taxi and courier operators to change to electric cars and thus reduce their costs. Now in November we will be running a first seminar addressed to taxi operators. Representatives from Arlanda and Brommaairports will be there together with participants from several car manufacturers," says Mattias Tingvall.

Facts about Vattenfall's fast-charging stations
All electric cars with fast-charging capability can use Vattenfall's fast-charging stations. The charging time from empty to 80 per cent of the battery's capacity takes up to about 30 minutes. This service will initially be free of charge. However, at the beginning of next year users will have to pay to charge theircars, but the cost will be lower than the alternative of running on petrol or diesel.