News item | 2014-11-26 | 15:49 PM

Large scale batteries new business opportunity in Germany

On 1 February 2015 Vattenfall will start to manage a 1.6 MW battery connected to a solar power plant in north-western Brandenburg.

Large scale batteries are efficient tools for integrating renewable sources of energy into the German energy system.

The Alt Daber solar power plant in north-western Brandenburg generates 71 GWh of electricity annually. The photovoltaic installation is owned by the German company Belectric, which invests internationally in renewable sources of energy.

Remote control

Belectric now commissions a 1.6 MW battery connected to the Alt Daber plant, which will be managed by Vattenfall.

Dorothee Scherer, Senior Originator in the Asset Optimisation & Trading business division, explains that the partners have signed a one-year extendable contract.
"Vattenfall will market the battery on the primary reserve market. The battery will be integrated into our plant management system from our office in Cottbus and VEPM, Vattenfall Europe Power Management, will handle the reporting and invoicing."

Vattenfall has previous experience of using large scale batteries in Germany to integrate renewable sources of energy into the energy system and is currently negotiating contracts with other battery operators, adding up to an additional 30 MW.

In Berlin the company has previously connected a 2 MW battery to a virtual power plant for primary and secondary standby energy. Vattenfall has also used a 1 MW battery in the city to stabilise grid fluctuations.

These two pilot projects are no longer active.

Valuable knowledge

"The contract with Belectric is important. To manage a battery gives us valuable knowledge of this evolving technology where research is still on-going," says Dorothee Scherer.

Facts about Belectric's battery

Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)
Technology: lead-acid
Capacity: 1.6 MW
Weight: approximately 30 tonnes
Storage: in a 40 foot container
Grid connection: shared with the Alt Daber solar power plant

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