News item | 2014-06-11 | 10:27 AM

New website presents Vattenfall’s history and development

A new website with unique documents, interviews, photographs and films relates the history of Vattenfall from the starting shot in 1909 in Trollhättan to today's position as one of Europe's largest energy companies.

Did you know that in 1920 Vattenfall started the world's most northerly regular air service from Porjus straight out into the wilderness to the dam construction site at Suorva?

... or that way back in the 1960s Vattenfall was already suggesting that homes should be heated with electricity instead of oil, something which was to develop into the concept of "the smart home" thirty years later?

Vattenfall's role in the development of Swedish society from a poor agricultural community to where it now stands is unique and exciting. That's why Vattenfall is launching a historical website with photos, texts, films and other material from the more than 100 years of this development.

See films about Vattenfall's huge construction projects for dams in Trollhättan and up in the north, read about the political intrigues in Stockholm, about the company's formation, and about the European expansion.

The historical website is in Swedish and English.

Welcome to The Vattenfall Story – a guided tour of Swedish community development.
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