News item | 2014-11-24 | 14:12 PM

Problems with new invoicing system

Vattenfall's implementation of a new system for handling invoices has caused bigger problems than anybody had counted on. Today there are a considerable amount of unposted invoices awaiting processing in the system. 

Work is ongoing around the clock in order to solve the problems in order for suppliers to get paid.

In October Vattenfall went live in the Nordic with a new invoicing system. This had already been implemented in Germany for quite some time. In the Nordic, several technical and data quality issues occurred which together with handling problems have now contributed to a growing backlog of un-posted invoices.

Some of the high priority technical issues have already been fixed or will be so shortly. Vattenfall has informed its largest suppliers about this. Moreover additional staff has been called in to handle the big backlog.

The problems are constantly monitored and analyzed and the backlog is expected to start decreasing this week.

Vattenfall is very sorry for the problems this might cause the suppliers and promise that we are doing our utmost to return to regular invoice processing as soon as possible to ensure timely payments.