News item | 2014-01-08 | 14:35 PM

Vattenfall project redraws German map

Germany's northernmost point is no longer on the island of Sylt, but far out in the North Sea – and Vattenfall owns it.

When Vattenfall's offshore wind project Dan Tysk anchored foundation number 22 in the seabed, this foundation became Germany's northernmost building and permanent point.

Have you informed the German government, Olaf Beeg, manager for foundation constructions at Dan Tysk?
“Very good question! So far we have not informed the government yet, but we should do so on short notice to make them aware of the new dimensions of the German territory.”

Who was the first to set foot on Germany's newest nothern point? Or what shall we call it?
“It is indeed the most northern point of Germany. As we are an open country and the project is an international one, the first man on that point has been one of the Danish colleagues of the construction company Aarsleff. A perfect symbol for the friendship with Denmark, which is also reflected by the name of our project: DanTysk.”

So location 22 is the most northern foundation of the DanTysk wind farm. Have you given it a name or will there be a name contest?
“The name is only DT-22…But thank you for the suggestion! We will have to start a contest to find a name which is more adequate for our baby.”

Is this new position going to change national borders or national fishing zones?
“No, not at all. The entire windfarm will be a no-fishing zone, what is by the way very beneficial for the fishes, marine mamals and all marine life, that will find a perfect recreation area in our windfarm. National borders will also not be affected, as the respective lines between Denmark and Germany are peacefully agreed.”

Who will inform map institutes and encyclopedias about the new geographic position of Germany?
“To be honest: I have no clue! As such things don’t happen that often in our days, we will have to find out how to publish it correctly in the maps and encyclopedias.”

Footnote: Dan Tysk is a 288 MW offshore wind farm under construction in the North Sea, 70 kilometers west of the German island of Sylt.

DanTysk is a joint venture by Vattenfall (51%) and Stadtwerke München (49%) and has a length of 19 km, from north to south.

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