News item | 2010-06-14 | 13:40 PM

Activists at the Forsmark nuclear power plant

Activists from Greenpeace carried out an action against Forsmark nuclear power plant Monday morning. Security guards immediately apprehended 15 activists, who had entered the area.

Forsmarks Kraftgrupp has taken immediate security measures. Police and coast guard are in place cooperating with the plant management to deal with the situation. The approaches to the power plant are temporarily blocked.

”We regard this incident most seriously and cooperate with police and coast guard to deal with the situation. We have therefore proclaimed increased plant alert and are securing all vital areas,” says Stefan Persson, CEO of Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB.  

For more information please contact:
Claes-Inge Andersson, press spokesman Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB,
Phone +46 (0)70-53 00 513.