News item | 2010-09-08 | 16:00 PM

Collaboration agreement between Vattenfall and Uppsala Municipality on long-term energy use

Uppsala Municipality, in Sweden, is powering up for long-term sustainable city development. An energy and climate collaboration agreement will be signed with Vattenfall on 9 September. The partners plan, in unison, to identify solutions that optimise production and final use of energy in the region.

Uppsala Municipality and Vattenfall have an ambition to develop their collaboration around two main areas: efficient use of district heating/cooling, as well as development towards efficient energy use.

The collaboration agreement will be signed by Gunnar Hedberg (the Moderate party), chairman of the City Executive Board, Kenneth Holmstedt, City Director, Torbjörn Wahlborg, Head of Vattenfall Nordic and Adrian Berg von Linde, Head of Vattenfall Heat Uppsala.

”Uppsala Municipality is investing heavily in various steps toward long-term, sustainable city development. In cooperation with Vattenfall, the transition involving energy efficiency improvement, the use of climate neutral energy and encouragement in the development of new technology, can take place faster,” says Gunnar Hedberg.

”I am very happy that Vattenfall and Uppsala Municipality will collaborate on the issues of energy and climate. By striving towards a mutual goal and perceiving the energy issue from a systematic perspective, we can together drive development towards a long-term, sustainable and resource-efficient energy use. We have a number of exciting energy projects with companies in the region and we will gladly share our experiences with others,” says Torbjörn Wahlborg.

For further details, please contact:
Adrian Berg von Linde, Head of Vattenfall Heat Uppsala,
Telephone: +46 (0) 70 246 71 49

Therése Sandström, Communications, Vattenfall Heat Nordic
Telephone: +46 (0) 70 282 16 70

Background facts:

A number of examples of environmental work at Uppsala District heating in Uppsala
A total of 90 per cent of heating in Uppsala comes from district heating, of which the main share is based on waste. In 2010, a turbine was officially opened, which turns the waste incineration plant into a complete plant with environmentally conscious production of district heating, steam, district cooling and electricity, as well as solving the problem of waste. The turbine will generate approximately 80 GWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity used in approximately 26,000 apartments.

Energy efficient collaboration with Akademiska hus
Akademiska hus and Vattenfall work side by side in the construction of the new Campus Ultuna, in Uppsala, that will be supplied with district heating and cooling. As district cooling is required more in the summer, when the need for district heating is normally low, the waste incineration plant can be better utilized. The new turbine entails increased generation of electricity based on recycled energy from waste.

Energy efficiency improvements lead to results
By replacing an old fan in the waste incineration plant and introducing smarter lighting solutions, Vattenfall has reduced electricity consumption in the plant by a total of 5 GWh, which is the equivalent to the electricity used in approximately 700 households.