News item | 2012-10-01 | 11:00 AM

E-mobility news: Demo of plug-in hybrid buses on bus line 74 in Stockholm

AB Volvo, Vattenfall R&D Projects, Vattenfall Services and Hammarby Sjöstad 2020 / ElBil2020 have started discussions with SL (Stockholm Public Transport) to bring about a demo activity with plug-in hybrid electric buses.

After initial discussions with SL, line 74 was identified as a suitable route for such a demonstration. Line 74 runs from Sickla shopping center via Hammarby to Södermalm with terminus at Mariatorget. Trial operation is proposed to start 2014.

Demo of plug-in hybrid buses in Stockholm

Photo montage: Henric Gustafson, ElBil2020.

The buses will be charged at the end stations and are completely charged in 5-8 minutes. The proposed demo project will use Volvo plug-in hybrid electric buses with bio-diesel as additional fuel. The plug-in hybrid bus runs three times as long as a biogas bus with the same amount of energy and are noise and pollution free when running on electricity in the urban environment. With the existing bus time table for line 74 and eight plug-in hybrid buses these buses are expected to operate about 67 percent of the total distance in electric mode. Calculations indicate that this will give significant energy saving and energy cost reduction compared to biogas fueled buses.

Contact person:

Johan Tollin
Vattenfall R&D Projects