News item | 2012-04-26 | 14:00 PM

E-mobility news: Electric vans run on Berlin streets

In this project, the daily commercial use of battery-powered Mercedes-Benz vans (Vito E-Cell) was tested. The test vehicles were operated in the Berlin area by users from different industries.

Electric vans run on Berlin streets

Vattenfall also tested ten of a total of 50 Vito E-Cell at different operational scenarios. As a project partner, Vattenfall used its intelligent charging concept wind-to-vehicle (W2V), installed the charging infrastructure for all customers and provided wind generated electricity.

A higher absorption potential

Commercial fleet applications are, in the context of storing excess wind power (wind-to-vehicle application), particularly interesting as the absorption potential per vehicle is higher than for private households. This is due to the fact that vehicles in the transportation industry have a higher daily mileage and therefore are more likely to be charged. Secondly, they are available for charging and thus the absorption of wind power at more regular intervals and for longer periods.

In addition to user aspects energy balances were created and evaluated and realistic average driving ranges were determined.

The Vito E-Cell vehicles and the installed charging infrastructure in Berlin have been in use even after the project completion.

More information

More information about the project can be found in the final project report:

"Abschlussbericht Verbundprojekt EMKEP (Elektrifizierung von Mercedes-Benz Kleintransportern in Entwicklung und Produktion)", Daimler and Vattenfall, 2011 (in German).
Download the report (German website, new window) 

Contact person: Franziska Schuth