News item | 2012-04-26 | 14:05 PM

E-mobility news: First Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid vehicle delivered to Vattenfall

The Volvo V60 PHEV plug-in hybrid is a result of a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Vattenfall, and can be driven up to 50 kilometres purely on electricity. The first Volvo V60 PHEV to be used by Vattenfall was delivered on 11 April 2012.

Other V60 PHEV features are a switchable all-wheel drive and three different driving modes: electrical, hybrid and power.

The first Volvo V60 PHEV to be used by Vattenfall was delivered on 11 April 2012.

Lars Olof Gustafsson (center), Volvo and CEO of the joint venture V2 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Partnership, is handing over the keys for the first V60 PHEV delivered to Vattenfall to Annika Ramsköld, Head of Business Development at BD Distribution & Sales, and Karl Bergman, Head of R&D Projects at BD Asset Development.

In addition to the initiation (via Johan Tollin and Karl Bergman, R&D Projects) of the Vattenfall and Volvo cooperation the Vattenfall R&D Programme has been involved in the development of the V60 PHEV in terms of charging solutions and issues related to the electricity grid, particularly standardization.

Technically advanced car

Vattenfall and Volvo’s V60 PHEV is the car manufacturer’s most technically advanced car model ever. According to Vattenfall’s electric car expert Tommy Lindholm it is the driver’s options of choosing between three driving modes, the car’s performance and low fuel consumption that combine to make it unique on the market.

Vattenfall and Volvo also offers the V60 PHEV customers a starter package with a wall box for charging at home or at work, a contract for renewable electricity and solar cells for those who are interested in producing the electricity for their own driving needs.

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