News item | 2012-04-26 | 14:05 PM

E-mobility news: Investing in electric mobility in the Netherlands

Together with the users, Vattenfall/Nuon is developing high-quality and feasible solutions which will continue to shape the future of electric transport. The success of electric transport depends largely on the availability of sufficient facilities for charging the vehicles.

The company is active on several fronts in order to develop charging infrastructure and services in The Netherlands by:

  • installing and operating charging stations 
  • providing service to electric car users 
  • setting standards in the market 
  • replacing fossil fuels with wind power for transportation

Public charging services are essential

Municipalities are key players when it comes to achieving enough charging stations in The Netherlands. Since approximately two-thirds of Dutch households have no garage or carport, charging at public places will play a crucial role.

An example of a charging stations in Amsterdam

A BEV Smart Fortwo Electric Drive at a public charging station in Amsterdam.

Besides that, the number of electric cars is growing and the number of charging stations in The Netherlands is now strongly increasing, particularly in and around the major cities. As one of the first parties in The Netherlands, Vattenfall/Nuon started in 2009 with setting up charging points in public spaces, in cooperation with the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam, Vattenfall/Nuon and partner Heijmans will deliver public charging stations for electric cars. For a minimum period of three years (until mid 2014) Nuon and Heijmans will deliver charging points, power and service to electric car users.

 Map over charging stations in the Amsterdam area

Map over charging stations in the Amsterdam area

Charging subscription

Customers with electric vehicles who wish to use the public charging stations can get a charging subscription. With the subscription, they can load at all charging points of Vattenfall/Nuon and partners. Furthermore, Vattenfall/Nuon has made agreements with other parties, which means Vattenfall/Nuon charging subscription customers have access to other charging stations in The Netherlands. They will also get access to the online ‘Vattenfall/Nuon electric driving portal’ that shows the location and availability of charging points, and personal electricity consumption data.

Charging station statistics from March 2012:

• About 600 unique electric vehicles (users)
• Over 250 Vattenfall/Nuon charging points operational in the city of Amsterdam
• Over 2,000 sessions/month and 30 MWh/month – and growing
• Paid subscriptions are introduced in April 2012
• Commercial interoperability with other charging providers such as RWE-Essent and E-laad

More information

Vattenfall/Nuon EV charging in Amsterdam (in Dutch, new window)
Map with charging stations (in Dutch, new window)