News item | 2012-04-18 | 08:45 AM

E-mobility provides the solutions of tomorrow


Vattenfall is the first energy provider to actively take part in the development of a mass produced plug-in hybrid vehicle. The collaboration within the e-mobility programme with Volvo Cars will soon result in the consignment of the first 1,000 V60 Plug-in Hybrids.

Vattenfall’s e-mobility programme not only focuses on electric cars, but also on electrifying various types of transport. As part of the programme, Vattenfall offers services for charging cars, both to private and business customers as well as public charging sites. Ulrich Frieser, Head of the e-mobility programme, explains that Vattenfall currently operates 390 public charging points for electric vehicles in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg.

In Germany, the e-mobility programme cooperates with car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes regarding technical solutions for charging. In Sweden, Vattenfall has developed a home charge package for Renault and Nissan electric cars, where customers can choose renewable electricity from the Lillgrund offshore wind farm.

During the first quarter next year, the first 1,000 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid cars will have been delivered to the buyers.
“We are, of course, very excited that our car will be on the market soon,” explains Frieser. The vehicle is a result of a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Vattenfall, and can be driven up to 50 kilometres purely on electricity, has a switchable all-wheel drive and three different driving modes: electrical, hybrid and power.

“Our activities within the e-mobility programme are part of our ambition to position Vattenfall as a smart energy provider and to supply advanced solutions to the energy sector in the future,” says Frieser.

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