News item | 2012-03-12 | 10:35 AM

Erik Brandsma from Vattenfall becomes new Director General of Swedish Energy Agency

Erik Brandsma, Head of CSR in Vattenfall, will today be officially appointed Director General of Swedish Energy Agency. Brandsma came to Vattenfall in June 2011 to develop the company’s CSR and sustainability efforts.  

“It was almost impossible to turn this offer down since I have a real passion for these issues. Even though my time at Vattenfall will now be a lot shorter than originally planned, I have still had the opportunity to get to know many fantastic employees and I am grateful for the time I have spent here,” says Erik Brandsma.  

Jöran Hägglund, Head of Vattenfall’s Public and Regulatory Affairs, says: “Erik has been an incredible asset to us and his field is of vital strategic importance for the company."

It has not yet been decided when Brandsma will start his new appointment, nor who will take over his job at Vattenfall.