News item | 2012-06-21 | 12:45 PM

Explosives found at Ringhals nuclear power plant

On Wednesday afternoon, 20 June, suspected explosive material was discovered in a truck on its way into the premises of the nuclear power plant Ringhals. It was in Ringhals' standard procedures for cargo and vehicle scanning that staff with bomb searching dogs found the suspected substance.

On the morning on Thursday 21 June, the State Forensic Laboratory gave preliminary information that the substance was in fact an explosive paste.

There was no detonation device connected to the material. The discovered material could not have induced a serious damage at Ringhals. Ringhals nuclear power plant is still in operation.

The police are investigating the event, currently described as suspected sabotage. During the night, the police have searched the Ringhals premises with bomb searching dogs and not found anything else.

Ringhals has heightened the security level and follows the procedures for this type of incident. The security level is elevated also at the Forsmark and Barsebäck plants.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is informed.