News item | 2010-03-02 | 16:30 PM

Information regarding the union demonstrating in Berlin

On March 3, the German union ver.di will carry out a demonstration against Vattenfall Europe in Berlin.

Vattenfall have had a dialogue about the planned changes with the unions over a long period of time. There are however different opinions on how to achieve long-term profitability and how to remain strong in an increasingly competitive market. The negotiations between Vattenfall and the union are still ongoing, aiming at finding a common solution. The planned savings are part of a bigger package where all details are not yet negotiated. Most part will be achieved with the help of planned retirement, early retirements, and so on.

Lars Gejrot, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, states that “Our goal is to avoid lay-offs and instead find other solutions“.

Vattenfall Europe has conducted a review to identify activities suitable to meet the challenges in a business environment of heightening competition. Great strides have already been made by reducing costs of materials, but the personnel costs also needs adjustment. Its aim is to preserve the company’s competitiveness in the long term.
“Like all companies operating in a competitive environment, we are continuously reviewing our structures and efficiency to be able to maintain our market position into the future“, states Tuomo Hatakka, Head of Vattenfall Europe. Requirements made by policy-makers on energy utility companies, as well as fallen electricity prices and the market entry of new providers, competition in the energy market has seen a further distinct aggravation.

Following the integration of its predecessor companies in Germany in 2002, and the ensuing market-oriented realignment, Vattenfall Europe is now taking a further step on the way to becoming a leading company in the European energy market.

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