News item | 2012-03-28 | 15:00 PM

Lights off during Earth Hour

Earth Hour, the world’s largest climate manifestation, takes place on Saturday, 31 March at 20.30-21.30. Vattenfall is participating in order to mark its support for this initiative.

Earth hour

During Earth Hour, businesses, organisations, cities and individuals throughout the world will switch off the lights in a collective manifestation for the climate.

Vattenfall will switch off the lights in a number of offices and plants, while naturally retaining all safety systems, including those in the power plants.
These Vattenfall offices and plants are participating in the manifestation:

Hamburg Head Office, Berlin office Chausseestrasse, Berlin office Puschkinallee, Cottbus Head office

The Netherlands
Plants and offices in Almere, Leiden, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Schiphol-Rijk, Arnheim Rijnpoort, Arnhem Westervoortsdeijk, Centrale Hemweg, Purmerend, Buggenum, Utrecht. Amsterdam (Headquarter), Magnum and Velsen are partially involved.

Plants and offices in Jordbro, Gustavsberg, Kalix, Haparanda, Vänersborg, Motala, Nyköping, Luleå, Notviken, Vuollerim, Umeå, Storuman, Tärnaby, Uppsala, Sundsvall, Trollhättan, Videbergsborg (Ringhals), Göteborg, Stockholm (Råcksta and Head Office).

Vattenfall believes that it is an important symbolic gesture to turn off the lights for one hour. It is about increasing awareness of the climate issue and Vattenfall supports this in line with our work for a sustainable society.



Earth Hour is a manifestation for the climate initiated in 2007 by WWF in Australia as a signal to decision makers to take the climate issue seriously. The event has grown from 35 countries in 2008 to 135 countries in 2011. Earth Hour 2012 is on Saturday 31 March, between 20.30 and 21.30 CET.
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