News item | 2011-11-30 | 14:00 PM

Partner in UK’s largest CCS project

UK’s largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pilot plant is today, 30 November, opened at Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire. Vattenfall is a main partner in the project together with technology supplier Doosan Power Systems and SSE - the owner and operator of the coal-fired power plant.

Karl Bergman, Head of Vattenfall R&D, who together with UK Energy Minister Chris Huhne attends the project opening today says:
"The Ferrybridge plant is an important project to Vattenfall as it will give us valuable insights on how CCS can be moved forward, as well as to validate our performance assumptions from an R&D perspective. Vattenfall is convinced that CCS is a major mitigation mean when facing the challenges of climate change.”

Using an amine solvent, up to 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day is to be captured from a flue gas slipstream corresponding to 5 MW of electric power. This makes the scale of the project ideal for bridging the gap between the various laboratory-scale trials that are under way and larger-scale demonstration projects.

The project is unique due to its size, duration of the test programme and the fact that 100 per cent of its major components are sourced from a British supply chain. A total of £21 million is being invested in the two year project, including £6.3 million of UK public funding.

Vattenfall is actively contributing to the planning and realisation of the project. Previous R&D experience from various internal and collaborative projects in recent years has been brought into the discussions regarding the plant design and the test programme.

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