News item | 2010-09-17 | 13:30 PM

Sustainable Cities - better living in future urban environments

In Vattenfall’s "Sustainable Cities Programme” we create a portfolio of complementary products and services that can strengthen our ability to meet our customers' needs for sustainable development. This lies well in line with what many cities around the world is working with – to achieve better cities with better life for their inhabitants.

Vattenfall’s R&D Manager for Sustainable Cities Programme, Thomas Munch-Laursen, visited the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China this summer.

- It was very interesting and inspiring to see the urban best practice areas, where sustainable show cases from more than 50 various cities all over the world were demonstrated, says Thomas.

A number of technologies for sustainable energy solutions were integrated in the exhibition buildings. Some of them are small and large scale energy storage, waste to energy, solar integrated technologies like solar based cooling, intelligent lighting, distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions. The latter did also include involvements from the city inhabitants in energy saving measures.

- I was also impressed by some demonstrations of smart grids and visualization of energy consumption at the end customer, Thomas continues. One version of the smart grid displayed how the grid operator incorporates renewable energy to the future grid.

- In Vattenfall, we are collecting our joint competencies and skills and our ability to take a system-wide energy approach to meet the needs for sustainable energy solutions in urban areas. We are aiming to be the preferred partner to European cities in their transition towards a more efficient use of energy.

We provide solutions in areas such as heating, cooling, distributed generation and energy management. Our concept and aimings within Sustainable Cities is absolutely right in timing, Thomas concludes.

Trends from EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China
The cities all over the world are growing. By 2030, urban areas will be home to more than 60 percent of the world’s 8 billion people. People are coming out of poverty faster then ever and things are changing more rapidly then ever.

The future sustainable cities are much about partnership thinking, clear visions and sustainable energy solutions like the ones presented above. The trend now is also that energy awareness, social awareness and energy savings are fun to deal with.

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Thomas Munch-Laursen,
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Thomas Munch-Laursen