News item | 2012-02-01 | 11:30 AM

Swedish procurement of electric cars

This National Electric Car Procurement (”Elbilsupphandlingen”) was initiated by Vattenfall and the City of Stockholm and is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The aim is to attract the car producers to come to the Swedish market in an early phase, to stimulate with incentives and also facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles in Sweden.

One of the Volvo C30 Electric from the pre-study driving around in Stockholm. Photo: Vattenfall.

One of the Volvo C30 Electric from the pre-study driving around in Stockholm. Photo: Vattenfall.

Almost 300 potential buyers (public and private companies and organisations) have joined the procurement and stated an estimated purchase volume of 1250 vehicles per year. As part of the initiative, 1000 vehicles can receive funding for the “extra” cost of buying an electric car with up to SEK 50,000 (approximately EUR 5600).

Framework agreements were signed in September last year with selected suppliers of electric cars and plug-in hybrids that have cars available on the Swedish market 2011-2013. The actual suppliers are:

  • Chevrolet
  • Citroën
  • Mitsubishi
  • Renault
  • Vantage

The requirements for pure EVs were a minimum driving range of 100 kilometers and a maximum electricity consumption of 37kWh / 100km. For plug-in hybrids, the requirements were an electric range of 20 kilometers and maximum CO2-emissions of 50g/km in mixed driving mode. All cars needed to have a top speed of at least 100km/h and the ability to charge from a standard Schuko-outlet – one phase, 230V / 10A.

Up to this date, some electric cars have been delivered and several more will be ordered this year. The delivery times vary between different vehicles, some can be delivered immediately and some have a waiting time of a few months.

A test and pre-fleet of 50 vehicles has already been in operation for one year. They will be used for three years in e.g. PR, taxi services, car pools, rental cars and service cars. The results from the test fleet are now being evaluated. As part of the test fleet, a few Volvo C30 Electric have been leased and used.

”We set very tough project goals from the start, based on the positive response we received during the pre-study” says Mariana Davidson, who works with E-Mobility at Vattenfall. “Even so, I am positively surprised by the results so far”, she continues. “This is one of the most interesting and positive projects I have worked with and we are now eagerly awaiting upcoming call-offs from the agreement”, she concludes.


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