News item | 2012-05-21 | 08:00 AM

The first Annual Report for the Vattenfall’s Ocean Energy R&D Programme

Since 2006, Vattenfall AB R&D Projects has been investigating the potential for ocean energy to offer a major new renewable energy source. In 2009 Vattenfall established a formal ocean energy programme.

Ocean EnergyToday – six years later – a first annual report has been created for the Ocean Energy Development Programme (OEDP). This report describes 2011’s achievements of the OEDP, and additionally provides a comprehensive overview of Vattenfall’s position in the field of ocean energy.

Ocean Energy Annual Report 2011 (PDF 3 MB, new window)

If you are interested in a personal hard copy of the annual report, contact
Philipp Reimann.


About Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy can be described as converting the enormous energy of the ocean waves into renewable electricity. Ocean energy is a challenging opportunity for Vattenfall since it comprises a huge untapped renewable energy resource that represents a major growth opportunity for the coastal regions of Northern Europe.