News item | 2012-04-03 | 15:35 PM

The future is electric

Fifteen years ago, it was very unlikely that someone would bet money on the chances of Vattenfall joining forces with car manufacturers in the future. However, it would have been the bet of a lifetime, as today, Vattenfall works with several car manufacturers as part of the e-mobility program.

Vattenfall works with several car manufacturers as part of the e-mobility program.E-mobility can hardly be regarded as part of the company’s core business. Yet, since the program was launched four years ago, its importance has steadily grown. Ulrich Frieser is Head of the e-mobility program: “There were many reasons to initiate this program. One of the starting points was to find new business opportunities in keeping with the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions. One of the most promising opportunities we identified was the electrification of road transport. Using renewable electricity instead of fossil fuels to power vehicles has tremendous potential to reduce CO2 emissions.”

“The program is also a good way of showing that we have superior products on the market.”

The foundations for the e-mobility program were laid by the company’s R&D unit several years ago. Vattenfall is now working with several car manufacturers and municipalities to promote the introduction of electrical vehicles and charging solutions.
“We are doing this to position Vattenfall as a smart energy enabler, as we are convinced that the future drives electric,” says Frieser.

This is the first in a series of articles on e-mobility, explaining what it is and why Vattenfall believes it is important.
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