News item | 2013-04-02 | 11:00 AM

Turbine installation complete at Zuidlob wind farm

Zuidlob, one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, is a major step closer to completion. All 36 3.4 MW turbines have now been installed and will be commissioned within short.

Zuidlob will be the second largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands once fully operational. Erik Rozendal, Project Manager for Zuidlob, says:
“The installation of the turbines started in August last year and has run according to schedule with some minor delays mainly due to bad weather conditions. We managed to do it in a very safe way and I am happy with the result.”

“We should be able to take over ownership of all 36 turbines some time in May,” Rozendal says.


Zuidlob will be officially inaugurated during the autumn.
“A lot of people think that once the last turbine is installed, the project comes to an end. I am happy with all the effort that my co-workers have paid this project but we still have some work to do and I expect that this last phase will run as smoothly as the other ones have. We still have some very important work to do,” Rozendal states.

Facts Zuidlob

  • The onshore wind farm is constructed west of Zeewolde in the Netherlands.
  • The 36 wind turbines with a total capacity of 121,3 MW will provide power for around Dutch 88,000 households.
  • Zuidlob was initiated by 63 farmers who announced their cooperative enterprise in October 2008.
  • Nuon owned 5 per cent of the shares in the wind farm. Vattenfall acquired the rest of the shares in October 2011.

Watch a video on Zuidlob (on YouTube)