News item | 2010-06-14 | 16:45 PM

Vattenfall comments security at Forsmark

Security at Forsmark worked well and the perimeter protection around the reactor remained in tact all the time. The activists never came close to the vital parts of the nuclear power plant.

The action as such was not directed against Forsmark nuclear power plant, but against the planned parliamentary decision about new nuclear power on Thursday. The fence that was first forced had an alarm and Forsmark’s security force promptly acted according to established routines.

Every situation is unique and we adjust the measures according to the prevailing situation. The police have apprehended all activists.
The owner of the reactor (Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB) has the full responsibility for the security and has acted totally according to applicable rules. It is up to the authorities to decide if there is any reason to change these rules. 

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