News item | 2010-07-13 | 14:15 PM

Vattenfall illuminates Silesia

Vattenfall in Poland is developing the power grids in Silesia, a region rich in history. Multiple ethnical groups have ruled the region throughout the centuries.

As a gift for the inhabitants, Vattenfall has illuminated some of the extraordinary buildings in Silesia to bring attention to the diversity and the cultural treasures in the region. Using modern energy saving LED-technology, (Light Emitting Diodes), Vattenfall has brought new life to buildings.

The office of the district authorities in Rybnik
One exampel is the office of the district authorities in Rybnik (above), a building included to the National Register of Historic Monument, which became a showpiece of the region after the illumination.

In Gliwice, the historic wooden church (below) -included to the National Register of Historic monuments since 1960- was illuminated by Vattenfall, using 33 lighting spots with different colour streams. The power of the lighting system is 6,5 kW.

The historic wooden church in Gliwice

Illumination projects planned:

  • Illumination of the grammar school in Bytom
  • The Municipal Counil Office in Zabrze
  • The Municipal Council Office in Kornowac