News item | 2012-07-31 | 09:25 AM

Vattenfall investigates conditions to invest in replacement reactors in Sweden

Vattenfall has today made a request to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority as one step in the process to assess how existing nuclear should be replaced when the phase-out is to be initiated some time in the later half of the 2020s.

The application, which has been submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, is part of our work collecting information in order to decide on a course of action for a possible future investment in replacement reactors. Several years will be needed to prepare all documentation. Only then will there be a basis for taking a position on a possible investment.

Vattenfall is assessing various possible alternatives for the replacement of existing nuclear power reactors. Despite safety improvements and capacity increases, today’s nuclear reactors must be phased out sooner or later and replaced by new base load power. The phase-out is expected to begin after 2025.

As a major player in the energy sector, Vattenfall has a long-term responsibility for safe and stable generation with low CO2 emissions. All its investments, irrespective of the type of power involved, must satisfy relevant safety and environmental requirements and must also be profitable.

Since the Swedish parliament decided to permit replacement nuclear power on 1 January 2011, this is one possible alternative. The EU Commission’s roadmap also includes nuclear power in Europe’s energy mix for 2050 in all its scenarios.

Vattenfall will seek close dialogue with all affected parties and inform openly about the process.

Download the application