News item | 2010-06-01 | 10:00 AM

Vattenfall stops acting as Market Maker on Nord Pool

Due to increasingly stricter regulations, Vattenfall has decided to terminate the agreement to act as Market Maker on Nord Pool.

For the past decade Vattenfall has acted as Market Maker on Nord Pool, i.e. undertaken to always act as a counter part in order to make the market function. If somebody wants to sell, Vattenfall is there to buy, and if someone wants to buy, Vattenfall is there to sell. The price is then set according to offer and demand, a process that Vattenfall cannot influence.

Vattenfall has undertaken to provide this service to contribute to a transparent and well functioning electricity market in the Nordic countries.

In light of increasingly stricter regulations, and the discussion regarding the interpretation of them that has followed, Vattenfall has decided to terminate its market making activities at Nord Pool for the time being.

We will now enter a dialogue with Nord Pool and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority for a common understanding and possibilities for the future of the Market Maker services at Nord Pool.