Press release | 2014-12-09 | 08:30 AM

Experts: Vattenfall’s dam safety work at high international level

Vattenfall's dam safety work is well developed and implemented according to a new independent international inspection report. The inspection was carried out by a group of world-leading experts in dam safety.

"The result is very pleasing, seeing that we at Vattenfall aim to be a world leader in the area of dam safety. That's why we have also engaged international expertise to have our work inspected independently on a regular basis," says Christer Ljunggren, Head of Vattenfall Hydro Power.

Inspectors Pat Regan, Principal Engineer Risk Informed Decision Making, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, USA, and Stephen Rigbey, Director Dam Safety, British Columbia Hydro, Canada, studied reports, decision-making documents, safety routines, maintenance planning and future investments in the course of this inspection.

"Vattenfall's dam safety operations are well developed and implemented. In general, therefore, Vattenfall's dam safety work can be considered to satisfy, and within certain areas to exceed, the standards for the industry, and can certainly be regarded as a leader in their development and application," says Pat Regan.

This inspection is a follow up to the one carried out about ten years ago as well as those for the dam installations in Suorva and Ajaure in 2007 and 2008.

A number of areas where Vattenfall can enhance its position as one of the world-leading power companies when it comes to dam safety are further evaluations of dam sluice operations and planning the coordination of inspection and interpretation of compiled data.

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