Press release | 2014-05-20 | 11:37 AM

Vattenfall inaugurates wind farm in Falkenberg

Vattenfall's largest onshore wind farm in the south of Sweden will be inaugurated today. The 12 wind turbines in Hjuleberg, just outside Falkenberg, will generate renewable electricity for around 18,000 homes.

Work on the construction at Hjuleberg started on 6 February last year. Today, just over a year later, the governor of the province of Halland, Lena Sommestad, will open the wind farm, which is situated some 20 km north-east of Falkenberg.

A welcome addition
Hjuleberg comprises 12 3MW Siemens turbines and will generate electricity for around 18,000 homes. The wind turbines have a total height of 150 metres and weigh 400 tonnes. Vattenfall has invested around SEK 500 million in Hjuleberg.

"We are both proud and pleased to be able to commission another wind farm. It will be a welcome addition to our renewable electricity generation capacity," says Torbjörn Wahlborg, head of Vattenfall's Nordic operations.

Vattenfall started work on the Hjuleberg project in 2008 and the county administrative board granted the site a licence in 2011. The wind farm is in electricity area four, which will now obtain even more electricity from renewable sources.

On 13 February this year an environmental licence was granted for Högabjär wind farm. The licence permits 12 wind turbines in an area close to Hjuleberg, around 15 kilometres east of Falkenberg. "The area round Falkenberg has ideal wind conditions, and the fact that we've now been awarded a licence to build another wind farm in the area is a very positive development," says Eva Vitell, head of wind power projects in Sweden.

Facts about Hjuleberg
Total installed capacity: 36 MW
Estimated annual output: 98 GWh