Press release | 2014-11-14 | 10:30 AM

Vattenfall's new office strengthens energy cluster

It has now been decided that Vattenfall's new office in Luleå will be built by Skanska and shall be awarded the highest level of certification by the Sweden Green Building Council. Building the office means continued investment in Luleå as a key strategic location for around 300 employees.

When the new office is completed it will become an important part of the energy cluster which is now taking shape in Luleå. Norrbotten's global potential as a centre for server halls has already been noticed by Facebook, Hydro66 and most recently KNC, all of which have established themselves in the region. As part of the Luleå Science Park and with Luleå University of Technology as a neighbor, the new office will establish Luleå as the hub of an energy centre in Norrbotten.

The office, which has room for 300 employees, will collaborate with students and researchers at the university while also being able to exchange experience with the companies in the area. The investment which Vattenfall is making in the new Luleå office will secure 300 jobs for 15 years.

"With the new office we are not just creating an office environment which will carry us into the future. We will be close to prospective employees, world-class research and development at the university, not to mention some of our biggest customers," Christer Ljunggren, Head of Vattenfall Vattenkraft, observes.

The new office will receive a Gold rating, the highest certification in accordance with Miljöbyggnad [Environmental Building]. Miljöbyggnad, which is administered by the Sweden Green Building Council, is a certification system for newly developed and existing buildings which focuses on energy, the indoor environment and building materials.

"This is an expansive area in which an increasing number of companies are choosing to establish themselves. We are looking forward to initiating our first commercial development project in Luleå. We will develop a space efficient office which meets the highest sustainability requirements set by Vattenfall," says Mats Engvall, Business Developer, Skanska Sverige AB.

"Vattenfall's investment in a new office in this area creates a unique energy cluster together with Luleå Energi, Facebook, other companies in Lulea Science Park and the University. This cluster will be important for the continued growth of the digital industry that is now emerging in the Luleå region, said Matz Engman, CEO, Luleå Näringsliv (Luleå Business & Economic Development)."

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