Press release | 2015-05-08 | 08:37 AM

Sweden first in Europe to test wireless charging of electric cars

Together with its partners, Vattenfall will be the first company in Europe to demonstrate and evaluate the wireless charging of electric cars on a larger scale. A total of 20 electric cars will take part in the pilot project starting this year.

Wireless charging can simplify the charging of electric cars, and the technology will now be tested in Sweden. In the course of this year, wireless charging with induction technology will be installed in a total of 20 electric cars located in Gothenburg, Stockholm and at Vattenfall. These cars will be used, demonstrated and evaluated for a period of about a year.

“With this joint project we are taking a step towards the more convenient use of electric cars. As buyers of electric cars may well be put off by having to use charging cables, they will be obviated by wireless technology. The focus will be on practical day-to-day use,” says Karl Bergman, Head of Research at Vattenfall. This joint project, with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency, will be run within the scope of the WiCh research project, with partners Vattenfall, the Viktoria Swedish ICT research institute, the Gatubolaget company in Gothenburg, Stockholm municipality, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Test Site Sweden at Lindholm Science Park. The project will be the first in Europe to allow regular users to test wireless charging.

“We took the initiative because we want to promote the development of this charging technology and hopefully allow the creation of a standard for the European market for which we can supply an attractively priced and practical product,” says Karl Bergman.

Charging with wireless technology is convenient and will in the future be done fully automatically, thus giving electric cars an advantage over cars running on fossil fuels. The joint project will also clarify how the technology works under Swedish conditions, including periods of extreme cold and snow.

The electric cars will mainly be used in municipal fleets and will allow important questions relating to the technology and its patterns of use by this user group to be answered.

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