Press release | 2015-11-11 | 15:00 PM

Vattenfall focuses on large-scale wind power in Denmark

The sale of a number of smaller wind farms on Jutland will allow Vattenfall, Denmark's largest operator and owner of onshore wind farms, to focus specifically on large onshore and offshore wind power projects.

A total of 88 older turbines from 19 wind farms on Jutland with a total capacity of 65 MW have been sold to Green Power Partners K/S. The sum is not made public.

"The size of these wind farms does not match Vattenfall's strategic direction, which is why we decided to sell them. We can now concentrate on further developing and strengthening our position in Denmark in the sector of large-scale onshore and offshore wind power," says Martin Reinholdsson, Head of Business Unit Generation in Business Area Wind.

Vattenfall is investing in both onshore and offshore wind power in Denmark. The construction of the Klim wind farm in North-West Jutland is almost complete. Here, 35 older turbines have been replaced by 22 new and much more efficient ones, making it Denmark's largest onshore wind farm in terms of output. At the same time, project planning is underway for the 400 MW Horns Rev 3 wind farm off the west coast of Jutland.

On 29 October, the Danish Energy Agency presented the candidates who are pre-qualified to bid for Kriegers Flak, Denmark's largest offshore wind power project with an output of 600 MW. Vattenfall is one of seven candidates.

Yesterday's announcement marks the official start of the tender process which will end in November 2016. The winner will be those can offer the lowest price in öre per kWh for the first 50,000 full-load hours. In comparison, Vattenfall won the Horns Rev 3 concession with a price of 77 öre per kWh.

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