Press release | 2016-11-02 | 12:00 PM

Vattenfall launches inCharge – a partner-based charging network in northern Europe

Vattenfall has launched the charging network inCharge, which Vattenfall Nordic is building in conjunction with partners. The network will include thousands of charging stations and will make it easy for businesses, local authorities and local power companies to offer electric car charging.

Through inCharge, Vattenfall wants to remove what is far and away the greatest obstacle to people converting to e-mobility: the ability to charge their car in any country and in any location. All Vattenfall's existing fast charging stations will be included in the network, as will the thousands of charging stations that belong to the partners that will participate in the inCharge network.

"Electric car drivers must be able to rely on there being a reliable and comprehensive network of charging stations. Through inCharge, we plan to build one of the biggest charging networks in northern Europe together with our partners. The current 2,732 charging points that customers can access in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands will soon increase significantly," says Susanna Hurtig, Head of Vattenfall E-Mobility Nordic.

Businesses, local authorities and local power companies have expressed a great deal of interest in offering electric car charging. Currently, many of them are not able to monitor the stations, offer customer support and manage payments. With inCharge, you can connect your existing charging stations or get help with setting up new charging stations that will be included in the charging network.

"Vattenfall deals with payment flows, so the customer is charged for all his or her visits to charging stations on one invoice and the owner of the charging station gets the income from charging. We hope that inCharge will make it easier for power companies and other partners to offer electric car charging, and that it will also make life easier for electric car drivers," says Susanna Hurtig.

As far as customers are concerned, inCharge will give them access to an extensive charging network that will grow as more and more partners connect their charging stations to it. In addition, the system will be easier to use because the inCharge charging card or RFID-tag can be used at all charging stations.

Vattenfall is also launching the inCharge app

"With the app, you can pay directly at the fast charging stations that are part of the inCharge charging network, and you are told where the charging stations are located, whether they are available and the type of charging they offer," says Susanna Hurtig.

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