Press release | 2010-03-31 | 10:00 AM

Annual Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report - 2009

Today, Vattenfall publishes its Annual Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2009.

The Annual Report includes detailed information about Vattenfall's financial result and describes the Group's development in 2009. One of the largest events during the year was Vattenfall's acquisition of the Dutch en-ergy company N.V. Nuon Energy (Nuon), which is part of the Vattenfall Group since 1 July 2009.

Compared with the year-end report, which was published on 10 February 2010, the definition of items affect-ing comparability has changed somewhat, and as a result, items affecting comparability in 2009 amounted to SEK 3,356 million (compared with SEK 4,173 million as published in the year-end report). The recognition of negative goodwill relating to the Thanet wind farm in the UK is the main explanation for the difference. The changed definition has no impact on the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement presented in accordance with International Financing Reporting Standards, IFRS.

The Annual Report in English can be downloaded at
The Annual Report in Swedish can be downloaded at

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report presents Vattenfall’s work with nuclear safety, emission reduc-tion, research and development and other issues of high relevance to many stakeholders. Since 2003, Vat-tenfall reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international framework for sus-tainability reporting. Detailed information about the environmental, social and economic impacts of the com-pany’s operations is accounted for.

The CSR Report is available for download in English at
A Swedish version will be available for download on 23 April at

Printed editions of the Annual Report in English and Swedish and the CSR Report in English will be available on 7 April. A Swedish edition of the CSR Report will be available on 29 April. The printed versions can be ordered via the web pages mentioned above.
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