Press release | 2012-08-23 | 08:00 AM

Elisabeth Ström leaves Vattenfall

Vattenfall’s current Head of External relations and Communication, Elisabeth Ström, is leaving the company. The replacement process has started.

“Elisabeth has made great and highly appreciated efforts to centralise, coordinate and streamline Vattenfall's external relations and communications function during an important period for Vattenfall,” says Øystein Løseth, Vattenfall’s President and CEO.

“I wish to thank Elisabeth for her professional contribution to the successful transformation of Vattenfall. Now, as Vattenfall is in a different position, the company has decided to find a Head of this function with a different profile,” says Ingrid Bonde, deputy CEO and CFO.

Elisabeth Ström has served as Vattenfall’s Head of External relations and Communication since November 2009. When leaving Vattenfall, she will receive a salary for six months' notice and severance pay equal to a maximum of 18 months in accordance with agreements and guidelines. Severance pay is paid monthly. Payments as received in salary or other similar compensation during the 18 months’ severance period will be deducted from the severance pay.

“Vattenfall is a very exciting company to work with. I am grateful to have had the privilege to participate and contribute to a more cohesive and efficient Vattenfall,” says Elisabeth Ström.

Vattenfall has started the recruiting process for a new Head of External relations and Communication.