Press release | 2012-02-21 | 16:30 PM

Hydrogen station in Hamburg - Vattenfall's latest endeavour in sustainable mobility

Last Friday, February 17, Vattenfall opened Europe’s most modern hydrogen station for fuel cell buses and cars in the heart of HafenCity, Hamburg. In parallel with working on charging solutions and development of electric cars, Vattenfall also works with other alternative fuels. The hydrogen station in Hamburg is the largest in Europe and a step forward for hydrogen as fuel for transport.

Hydrogen station in Hamburg

The location of the station is in the middle of an urban environment and it caters to both busses and cars. Growing road traffic and related greenhouse gas emissions demand major efforts by researchers, oil and energy companies and others. Hydrogen is a very effective fuel to reduce emissions of CO2, something that is key to curbing climate change. In the HafenCity station, about fifty per cent of the daily capacity will be produced on site by two electrolysers powered by renewable electricity.

Vattenfall has invested EUR 5,1 million in the station in HafenCity, Hamburg. Shell is a partner and the German government has invested another EUR 5,1 million in the project.

Vattenfall is in a city partnership with Hamburg and has cooperated with Hochbahn Hamburg since 2003 regarding hydrogen stations for buses. This is an important next step for the cooperation. Vattenfall is an important player in the German organisation “Clean Energy Partnership” where several companies participate to introduce hydrogen into motoring in order to lower emissions of CO2 from traffic.  

Using fuel cell based cars and buses is an alternative way of mobility. Vattenfall is also cooperating with other industry players in order to push development of sustainable mobility and add alternatives within the transport sector. Some examples are electric charging stations in Berlin, cooperation with BMW for Battery electric vehicles and with Volvo Cars for Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicles.  

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