Press release | 2011-11-09 | 09:00 AM

King of the slope with Vattenfall’s new skiing app

Vattenfall is introducing King of the Slope, an app for downhill skiers with smart phones, in good time for this year’s skiing season. It helps them monitor their performance and challenge their friends and other skiers around the world. The app has been tested by the Swedish national Alpine team.

“We would like all skiers to enjoy King of the Slope, irrespective of how good they are, how many of them there are and where they ski,” says Linus Almqvist, Head of Brand Communication and Partnership at Vattenfall.

Vattenfall sponsors the Swedish Ski Association and the International Ski Federation (FIS). Within the scope of this sponsorship programme, Vattenfall now presents a challenging ski app, namely King of the Slope.

King of the Slope measures several factors, including your vertical drop in metres and how long you’ve been skiing. The result can then be compared with other skiers at the same ski resort or throughout the world. Results can be easily shared on Facebook or in a banner that can be downloaded for use on private websites or blogs.

“Now all skiers have the chance to prove who skies the most and best in a family, a group of friends or among other skiers,” says Linus Almqvist.

King of the Slope can be used anywhere. Thousands of ski resorts are registered in the app’s database and it automatically sets the ski system to where the skier is using GPS. In addition, anyone can add their favourite resort to the app via Vattenfall’s website.

Your mobile does not need to be connected to data roaming when you are skiing, which can become expensive. The results are based on GPS data and the app is optimised for skiing in the way it processes the data. The results may be reported after your run is finished. The app also works when the mobile is locked, thus fits perfectly in your ski pants pocket. It has been tested by the Swedish national Alpine team, see links below.

King of the Slope is available from App Store and Android Market.

The Swedish national Alpine skiing team tests the app: 
Axel Bäck and Matts Olsson (new window)
Sara Hector and Veronica Smedh (new window)

Read more and download the app here: 

For more information, contact:

Linus Almqvist, Head of Brand Communication and Partnership, Mobile: +46 70 390 00 55
Viktoria Raft, Media Relations, Mobile: +46 72 232 06 31

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