Press release | 2011-03-31 | 15:15 PM

Lean-emission electricity for Vattenfall and Volvo’s new car

The Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid – a near production-ready car with carbon dioxide emissions below 50 g/km – will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Salon on 1 March. The plug-in hybrid, which will be launched onto the market in 2012, is the result of a joint project between Vattenfall and Volvo Cars.

Vattenfall has now prepared a customised agreement that will be offered to future users of the plug-in hybrid. It guarantees customers 100% renewable electricity from one of Vattenfall’s wind farms. The agreement is being offered to both private individuals and companies in Vattenfall’s core markets of Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

“With renewable electricity from Vattenfall, the plug-in hybrid can be driven with minimal impact on both the climate and local emissions. The outcome of the project underscores the fact that the future of cars is electric,” says Vattenfall’s CEO and President Øystein Løseth.

This agreement is the first in a series of offers in the field of electricity supply and charging that Vattenfall is considering for users of electric cars. Vattenfall already offers electricity from renewable sources to its customers. The unique feature of our new agreement is that future buyers of the car will also be guaranteed electricity from a specific wind farm. This is done by Vattenfall signing guarantees of origin that meet the car’s electricity consumption. For customers who cannot sign an agreement directly with Vattenfall, we offer guarantees of origin that cover the electricity consumption for an estimated driving distance. The agreement will be ready for signing by future customers of electric cars during the course of the year.

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company as regards investments in renewable electricity generation. In the course of 2010 alone we put into operation one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms in Thanet off England’s south-east coast, with an output of 300 MW. It can supply electricity to about 500,000 cars, and will cover the needs of electric cars in the foreseeable future.

“The launch of the Plug-in Hybrid together with Volvo Cars, and the electrification of the transport sector in general, is giving us the opportunity to link initiatives in renewable electricity production with the cars of the future." says Øystein Løseth.

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