Press release | 2010-03-12 | 08:30 AM

Øystein Løseth becomes CEO of Vattenfall on April 12

On 12 April, Øystein Løseth assumes the position as CEO of Vattenfall. Øystein Løseth was until recently CEO of the Dutch energy company Nuon, which was incorporated in the Vattenfall Group on 1 July 2009.

Øystein Løseth (51) is civil engineer graduated from Trondheim. He has worked in the energy industry for almost 25 years, starting at Norwegian Statoil in 1984 and later working at both Statkraft and Naturkraft before joining Nuon in 2003 as managing director of Sourcing and Trading. Five years later, in 2008, he was appointed CEO of Nuon. 

"Øystein Løseth has a very extensive and long experience from the energy industry. He has managed Nuon in a very successful way and with very good results. Øystein is therefore the perfect choice to lead the company and continue it’s development", says Lars Westerberg, Chairman of the Board of Vattenfall.

Lars G. Josefsson is now retiring after ten years as CEO of Vattenfall. During his years in the company Vattenfall has grown from a turnover of SEK 32 billion to more than SEK 205 billion. Business has expanded to seven countries and a total of SEK 45 billion has been distributed to the owner, the Swedish state. 

"Lars G. Josefsson has made a massive effort and transformed Vattenfall from a Nordic company to one of the largest energy companies in Europe, operating in seven countries. During his time as CEO he has also become internationally recognized as devoted to the topic of climate change, and as a strong advocate for a global price on carbon emissions", says Lars Westerberg.

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