Press release | 2012-09-27 | 19:44 PM

Vattenfall and Volvo's new chargeable V60 sold-out

The first thousand of Vattenfall and Volvo's new V60 plug-in hybrid are proving popular, having sold out even before reaching car dealerships. Vattenfall is aiming to become a driving force when it comes to the electrification of transport and supplying charging solutions.

The first 1000-vehicle batch of the V60 plug-in hybrid has already sold out, and orders are being taken for next year. It was in autumn 2008 that Vattenfall took the initiative to enter into partnership with Volvo Cars. Vattenfall has invested SEK 1 billion into the car. What's more, to earn money from every car sold, Vattenfall is offering recharging services with it, using green electricity and solar panels.

"It's fantastic; my view is that the large amount of interest is down to it being so much more than just an environmentally friendly car. The plug-in hybrid is three cars in one and really is at the cutting edge of technology," says Annika Ramsköld, Head of Business Development.

Vattenfall has bought 43 of the 300 cars intended for the Swedish market. 300 plug-in hybrids have been sold in Sweden, which equates roughly to a 30 percent increase in the number of cars that can be powered by electricity on Swedish roads, bringing the current total to around 1000 electric cars in Sweden. Vattenfall is backing plug-in hybrid technology because it does not limit the distances you can travel, which is not always the case with electric cars, and because the majority of driving can be done on electric power. The plug-in hybrid can be run on both electricity and diesel.

"The collaboration with Volvo is unique and allows us to break new ground. The car exemplifies how important it is to collaborate across different industries to create sustainable energy solutions. We are convinced that electricity is the fuel of the future for the transport sector," says Annika Ramsköld.

Charge the car with solar electricity – solar cell packages:
Buy back the surplus
Solar cell modules
Assembly and installation
System commissioning and control
25-year power guarantee on the solar panels  

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid
2.4-litre diesel engine, five-cylinder 215 hp with automatic gearbox and 70 hp electric motor
0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds
1.8/100 km fuel consumption
Carbon dioxide emissions 48 g/km
Range of up to 50 km running on electricity
Charging time of between 3 and 7.5 hours depending on current  

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