Press release | 2011-10-14 | 10:00 AM

Vattenfall extends its support to Olympic athletes

Vattenfall now extends its present cooperation with the Swedish Olympic Committee to include also the German and Dutch Olympic Committees. Thus, in Vattenfall’s new sponsor strategy, all the company’s three core markets will be represented.

The cooperation agreement emphasises the importance of long term commitment and investments in the future. Through the new sponsorship agreement, many sports talents active in both summer and winter sports will get an opportunity to develop as athletes.

“Our support to the National Olympic Committees reflects our new business strategy as a European player with a local presence,” says Elisabeth Ström, head of Public Relations and Communication at Vattenfall.

The new sponsorship agreement runs from October 2011 until 2016. Through “Olympic Talent Support Vattenfall”, 30-50 promising athletes from each of the three countries, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, will be given the chance to invest full time in their respective sports. The goal is to achieve better results and in the long run, to secure more medals to each of the countries.

“We are very pleased with the extended cooperation with Vattenfall. Through ’Olympic Talent Support‘, long term support of many talented athletes on their way up will be secured for many years to come,” says Stefan Lindeberg, chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee.

In dialogue with the three national Olympic committees, Vattenfall will also launch “Team Vattenfall”, a sponsorship programme to support around 24 already established top athletes in both winter and summer sports from the three countries.

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