Press release | 2012-04-11 | 08:30 AM

Vattenfall invests SEK 13 billion in hydro power

Vattenfall will invest SEK 13 billion on modernizing and increasing production in its hydro power plants until 2023. That means more than one billion SEK per year over the next ten years.

As part of the refurbishments, the hydro power plant in Storuman, Umluspen, will get two new turbines and the production will be increased by 8 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

The investment in Storuman is part of the large modernisation work that Vattenfall is performing in it’s hydro power plants during the next ten years. A sum of SEK 270 million will be invested in the power plant Umluspen, starting in 2014. It will be upgraded and the production will be increased to provide electricity for 1 600 households per year.

The Umluspen power plant was completed in 1957 and produces about 400 GWh per year. In order to ensure another 40 years of operation, a thorough renewal of the power plant will be implemented.

- The modernisation of the power plant Umluspen for a quarter of a billion, means that it can operate for another 40 years and generate electricity, says Christer Ljunggren, Fleet manager for Vattenfall Hydropower.

- New and more efficient turbines and generators provide more energy from the same water volume. The modernization of Vattenfall's hydro power plants has a clear focus on reducing the environmental impact of hydro power, he adds.

In January this year, a SEK one billion investment in the hydro power plant Akkats, in Jokkmokk, was completed. There, power is increased by the equivalent electricity consumption of 5000 households. Akkats total annual output compares to electricity for 120 000 households per year.

Hydro power has played an important role in Sweden and for Vattenfall since it was founded in 1909. Hydropower accounts for about 20 percent of Vattenfall's total electricity generation and 41 percent of Sweden's electricity.

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