Press release | 2012-09-19 | 08:00 AM

Vattenfall reorganises: focus on Renewables and Nuclear

Vattenfall is further developing its organisation, following the ambition to take an active part in transforming the European energy system. The new Business Division structure will ensure focus on highest operational standard and safety in nuclear operations, and integrate renewables among our other energy sources.

Vattenfall’s current organisational structure which comprises five Business Divisions grouped under three operating segments will as of 1 November 2012 be changed into two operating segments Generation and Distribution and Sales as follows:

The Generation segment will comprise the following four Business Divisions:
BD Sustainable Asset Development, BD Production, BD Nuclear and BD Asset Optimisation and Trading.

The Distribution and Sales segment will, as today, comprise the Business Division Distribution and Sales.

The Renewables segment will be discontinued and the operations of Business Division Renewables will be split and moved to BD Sustainable Asset Development and BD Production under the Generation segment.

Vattenfall’s CEO Øystein Løseth says: “Vattenfall wants to give nuclear power the special focus it requires and therefore we are establishing the new Business Division Nuclear which will focus on existing and possible future nuclear activities. Nuclear is not necessarily a pan-European issue and requires a different focus than our other areas. The new organisation means that BD Nuclear has full responsibility throughout the entire chain, which will ensure the highest operational standard, quality and safety.”

In order to follow our ambition to take an active part in transforming the European energy system, Vattenfall’s future growth investments will focus on renewables. The new BD Sustainable Asset Development is a merger between the two smaller BDs, BD Renewables and BD Asset Development, where there are large interfaces. And as most of our future development projects pertain to renewables the new setup clarifies different aspects of our operations and reduces unnecessary overlaps.

The personnel changes will be as follows:
Torbjörn Wahlborg is appointed new Head of BD Nuclear. He is currently Head of BD Distribution & Sales.
Peter Smink is appointed new Head of BD Sustainable Asset Development. He was formerly acting CFO at Vattenfall.
Tuomo Hatakka will remain as Head of BD Production. BD Production will now include hydro power, gas, lignite, hard coal and wind.
Anders Dahl is appointed new Head of BD Distribution & Sales and new Country Manager Sweden. He is currently Head of BD Renewables.
Stefan Dohler will remain as Head of BD Asset Optimisation & Trading.

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