Press release | 2012-03-07 | 15:40 PM

Vattenfall sponsors future Olympians

In a unique collaboration, Vattenfall and the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) are working together to increase the number of medals in future Olympic Games.

Today, Wednesday, Vattenfall and SOC presented the eight Olympic athletes and 33 promising talents who will be receiving sponsorship over the next few years. This is a unique partnership focusing on long-term commitment.

“Our partnership unites the National Olympic Committees in all our core markets – Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Its starting-point is local collaboration in our core markets and it opens the way to a European platform,” says Elisabeth Ström, Head of Communications at Vattenfall.

Vattenfall’s and SOC’s partnership includes Team Vattenfall which consists of eight athletes in winter and summer sports, and Olympic Talent Support Vattenfall, which supports 33 promising talents on their way to Olympic Games and World Cup medals. Thanks to Vattenfall’s sponsorship, young promising athletes are given the opportunity to devote themselves fully to their sport and develop into future Olympians. Two promising sportspeople – Johan Eurén, wrestling, and Therese Lundqvist, shooting – are included in the Vattenfall talent programme.

Team Vattenfall includes Anette Norberg, curling, Anna Holmlund, ski cross, Frida Svensson, rowing, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, equestrian, Fredrik Lööf, sailing, Lisa Nordén, triathlon, Charlotte Kalla, cross country skiing and André Myhrer, alpine skiing.

“What Vattenfall is doing is unique. No other company has got involved in this type of partnership. It provides direct financial support to each individual, but also means a long-term investment, not just in established athletes, but also an investment in young talent that will win medals in future years,” says Stefan Lindeberg, SOC Chairman.

About Vattenfall’s partnership with the National Olympic Committees:
Since autumn last year Vattenfall has been supporting the National Olympic Committees (NOC) in its core markets, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Thanks to this sponsorship contract, Vattenfall will be associated with one of the world's strongest brands – the Olympic rings. The brand is internationally known but also has a local presence – as does Vattenfall’s brand. Through Vattenfall’s collaboration with the Olympic committees, Vattenfall is supporting not only established sportspeople but also young talents on the way up. In all 24 established Olympians and some 30 promising talents in each market. This collaboration focuses on the long-term, and runs to 2016. The sponsorship agreement gives them the chance to devote themselves fully to their sport. In the long run, this will strengthen the Olympic sports in each market and ensure more medals in the future.

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