Press release | 2011-08-03 | 13:15 PM

World´s largest offshore wind turbine installed at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm

Vattenfall has now completed the installation of the final turbine at its pioneering wind farm off the coast of north-west England.

Final turbine at OrmondeThe 30th turbine at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm was installed Monday with the final rotor lift from A2Sea’s vessel, the SeaJack. Installation was completed four months after the first turbine was erected. Vattenfall now looks forward to generating electricity from the wind farm for the first time later this summer.

Ormonde’s 30 REpower 5M wind turbines have a total installed capacity of 150MW. It is capable of generating enough electricity annually to meet the equivalent electricity needs of 100,000 UK households.

Ole Bigum Nielsen, Vattenfall’s head of offshore wind development in the UK, said: “Vattenfall has been pioneering the development of offshore wind for many years, with Ormonde hot on the heels of our recently completed Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, still the world’s largest operating offshore wind farm. Our experience, coupled with the expertise from our construction partners, ode and REpower, has allowed us to develop a wind farm safely and to schedule.”

Final turbine at Ormonde 1

Largest offshore wind turbine

Ole Bigum Nielsen added: “Vattenfall’s Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is the first commercial and largest deployment of Scotland’s Burntisland Fabrications’ steel lattice ‘quadruped’ foundation and REpower’s 5M turbine, the largest commercially available offshore wind turbine in the world. Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is therefore a sign of things to come as the UK offshore wind industry gears up to deliver its enormous potential.”

Offshore construction of Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm started in 2010 and by the summer of that year all 31 steel lattice quadruped jacket foundations had been installed. The first wind turbine at Ormonde was lifted onto the foundation and installed on 23 March this year. All thirty wind turbines have been installed in little over four months. The additional foundation supports the wind farm’s substation.

The REpower 5M wind turbine started life in a factory in Germany with the components – rotor, nacelle and tower sections – transported to the Harland & Wolff docks in Belfast. From here the turbines were transported two-by-two to the Ormonde site on board the SeaJack which was pulled by two tugs. Each turbine is installed from the A2Sea installation vessel the SeaJack by crane. Depending on the weather, an installation of a single turbine on site can take as little as 12 hours.

About Vattenfall

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company. It is Europe’s sixth largest generator of electricity and largest producer of heat. Vattenfall currently operates 686MW of offshore wind capacity around Europe, including Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, the world’s largest. It also operates 526MW of onshore wind across Europe, including Edinbane on the Isle of Skye.

Project Facts

Name Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm
Number of turbines 30
Turbine capacity 5MW
Total installed capacity 150MW
Homes equivalent production >100,000
Water depth – low tide Around 17 to 21 metres
Water depth – high tide Around 26 to 30 metres
Foundation type Steel jacket
Area of wind farm 8.6km2
Distance from shore Around 10km from Barrow-in-Furness
Tip height (from sea level) 153m
Hub height 90m
Rotor diameter 126m
Total weight of turbine 661 tonnes
Weight of rotor and hub 125 tonnes
Weight of nacelle 315 tonnes
Weight of towers 221 tonnes
Cables to shore One
Length of cable to shore 41,700m
Cable landfall Half Moon Bay
Distance from cable landfall to substation 2,800m
Substation Heysham