Handling of personal data

Vattenfall AB (address 162 87 Stockholm, Sweden, a company incorporated under Swedish law with registration number 556036-2138) is the controller of the personal data you provide in the application form. Vattenfall AB will process the information that you provide in order to collect information on applicants to specific jobs or jobs in general within companies of the Vattenfall Group, established in, among other countries, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany and United Kingdom, and to make that information available to the HR departments of said Group companies. Vattenfall AB may use data processors inside or outside the Vattenfall Group. The personal data is handled in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act, which is based on a EU Directive.

The information we want to collect from you is name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other information that you provide in the application form (for instance your CV).

It is your decision whether you want to provide the information or not. Vattenfall AB will only make the information available for

  • the HR departments of companies within the Vattenfall Group; and
  • persons within the Vattenfall Group directly involved in the recruitment process

in order to access, search and download the information for the purpose of making recruitments to the Vattenfall Group company at issue.

In case your application concerns a specific job, the personal data you have provided in the application form will be deleted from the job database no later than two years after the recruitment is finished. This time period might be prolonged in case the recruitment decision is appealed.

In case you have provided a general application, we will store your personal data no longer than two years and then delete the information, unless you allow us to continue the handling of your personal data.

You have the right to free of charge, once per annum, after having addressed a signed written application to Vattenfall AB, receive a notification on what personal data regarding you we process and how and why we process it. Furthermore, you have the right to request rectification of such personal data regarding you that we process.

Please note that by providing information via the form, you consent to Vattenfall AB processing the information about you in accordance with the abovementioned rules.

Privacy policy

For information on Vattenfall AB’s privacy policy, please click here (will open a new window)

Last updated: 2013-11-28 16:50