Going green in Berlin

Vattenfall has launched a project to turn brownfield sites green and establish urban gardens in Berlin. This year it opened its first-ever urban garden in the heart of the sprawling German capital.

Berlin is growing, and as the giant city continues to expand, the need for green areas is increasing too.

Urban gardening is turning into a major trend in the German capital, and it is receiving support from Vattenfall. The company has offered some of its free space to the Berliners to plant, tend and harvest together.

In June this year, Vattenfall Wärme AG opened its first-ever urban garden. Situated in the trendy East Berlin district of Mitte, the garden in the heart of the city is a green oasis and community centre in one. The project, which seeks to turn brownfield sites into urban gardens, has been dubbed "Pflanz was!" (Plant something!).

In the garden, plants grow in buckets and planter boxes rather than in the ground. This allows the garden to be moved easily if the area is ever developed. The 500-square-metre garden area is divided up into different sections with various themed gardens – a kitchen garden, a children's garden, a welcome garden containing exotic plants from all over the world, a seating area and a relaxation area with deckchairs and sunshades.

Vattenfall is planning additional garden projects and is cooperating with urban gardening associations, schools and neighbours.

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Urban gardeners are greening Berlin

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