Vattenfall launches Powerpeers, an energy-sharing marketplace

Powerpeers is a digital, interactive marketplace where supply and demand for self-generated energy come together.

Launched by Vattenfall as a start-up company in the Netherlands, Powerpeers enables people to lead sustainable lives by creating a marketplace and community in which customers can decide from whom they receive their energy and who to supply with their self-generated energy.

As well as sourcing self-generated electricity from friends, family or neighbours, users can also opt to source their electricity from one or more Dutch suppliers of wind, solar and hydropower. This enables customers to create their own personal community.

Meanwhile, the amount of energy each source is supplying can be checked online, and every kilowatt-hour traded is "labelled", making the energy totally traceable.

The concept fits seamlessly into the sharing economy trend, a key feature of which is making our possessions available and sharing them both with people we know and with those we do not, through decentralised networks and marketplaces. Examples include networks such as Peerby, through which people lend one another various items of equipment; Airbnb, where people rent or let accommodation; and the transport company Uber.

Customers these days want to be more engaged, have more choice and control over how the energy they consume is produced, and seek new ways of interacting. Engaging customers to help them be more sustainable is an important step in Vattenfall's strategy and in becoming a climate-neutral company by 2050.

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Last updated: 2016-10-19 15:47