Leading towards sustainable consumption

The energy sector is undergoing major changes. The most salient trends are increased consumer involvement, the transition of consumers to 'prosumers' and growing demand for energy efficiency services.

More sustainable energy consumption benefits customers, Vattenfall and society at large.

An important driver for the change is the EU's energy efficiency target calling for 20% primary energy reduction per year by 2020. In order to be part of the new energy landscape, Vattenfall employs numerous measures, both through partnerships involving customer interaction and through new offerings in the areas of electricity and heat.

We work together with customers towards the goal of providing the energy-smart solutions that we see are wanted by today’s and tomorrow’s customers. This includes developing new products and services for customers within e-mobility and energy management, including smart homes and new ways of interacting with customers, giving them control over their energy consumption and production.

Sustainability focus area

In our work to shift to more sustainable consumption, we have identified the following sustainability focus area:
Sustainable customer solutions

Last updated: 2016-03-24 10:48