Ensuring the availability of a skilled workforce with the right competence is a critical task for Vattenfall. As market conditions and consumer behaviour change over time, the demand for certain competencies and skills also changes.

We have planning and training measures in place to address our evolving needs.

Vattenfall's Talent Management processes are integrated with our business strategies to ensure that we attract, develop and retain the talent we need to meet future demands and challenges.

Competence planning

Vattenfall has an annual competence planning process to analyse the organisation's current competence status and future needs. The process identifies any competency gaps and defines either the need for recruitment or the development of existing employees.

Action plans are developed to meet the Group's needs as well as local requirements to ensure sufficient competence in the future. For example, we have long-term partnerships with selected schools and universities to access regional core competencies.

Employee training

The performance management process is a platform for individual competence development needs, where employees and managers define and agree on individual development plans and actions. These plans include:

  • Co-work and co-operation with colleagues to learn new skills
  • Differing assignments and projects to develop competencies
  • Development activities on the job as well as off site
  • Training programmes

Management planning

The annual management planning process provides an analysis of management capacity, potential and development needs in the Group as well as information to support succession planning.

To ensure a high rate of internal succession, we focus on early development of our leaders. In co-operation with Group management and the Business regions, Vattenfall Management Institute (VMI) provides opportunities for management training and leadership development at all levels.

Increased focus is given to international leadership and change training – programmes designed to help leaders develop their ability to work different cultures and under rapidly changing conditions.

Performance reviews and career development

Performance reviews and career development are an important means of ensuring that Vattenfall's work environment and competence development objectives are met.

Performance reviews and continuous follow-up by employees and managers are at the core of performance culture that we are developing. The target is that all employees have an individual development plan that includes actions for development through training, assignments and work experience.

Last updated: 2014-07-02 12:30