Ensure a healthy and safe workplace

Vattenfall is responsible for ensuring a safe and sound workplace for 20,000 employees plus a large number of contractors and hired-in personnel.

This makes safety a priority area for Vattenfall. It is also one of our experience principles, which means that safety is a guiding principle in the day-to-day operations.


We are committed to protecting and promoting the H&S of everybody working for Vattenfall. It is our responsibility to ensure that no one is injured or falls ill as a result of our activities and behaviour. We believe that all occupational illness and injuries are preventable and zero work-related ill-health and zero accidents is our ambition.

In order to achieve our targets and long term ambitions we have set an H&S strategy with four strategic focus areas:

  • Further development of leadership, culture and awareness
  • Clear and consistent H&S communication
  • Effective use of H&S management systems
  • Development and implementation of H&S standards

Our targets

  • Short term 2018 a Lost-time injury frequency (LTIF) target of 1.6 for own employees.
  • Mid term 2020 a Lost-time injury frequency (LTIF) target of 1.25 for own employees
  • Long term goal of zero accidents in the workplace, no workplace related illnesses, and that all employees will have a safe, healthy and inspiring work environment.

Challenges we have

It will be a challenge to continue to focus on H&S among cost-cutting and reorganisation measure.

Last updated: 2017-12-13 15:10